Make Cloud Budgeting Smooth as Jam

According to Forbes, businesses waste 30% of their cloud budget on average. We have been there. Losing $1000's in a rogue Kubernetes pod on AWS. Never again. That is why we built Evenflow and made it open source.

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Our Benefits

Fully Open Sourced
Forever free and self-host to your heart's content. If you want support and us to host it for you, pricing is below.
Works with any Cloud Provider*
AWS, Azure, and GCP coming soon.
Mobile Friendly
Check your cloud spend and set alerts and triggers from anywhere. No more midnight calls from dev-ops.


Key Evenflow features based on research into businesses wasting money on cloud resources. We fix the major pain points for cloud first businesses.
Depending on the service type, you can set triggers to control what to do when usage threshholds occur on a periodic basis.
Set your budget and forget it. You can turn on the feature to allow Evenflow to auto-pause until the next billing cycle one or all services in our cloud environments.
Segmentation and Groups
Separate out dev services vs production services or based on customers and set budgets and triggers accordingly.


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Forever Free
$ 0
Use it forever in your own environment
Perfect for Freelancers
$ 19
1 cloud instance
10 triggers
1 user
Perfect for Small Team
$ 49
4 cloud instances
50 triggers
3 users
custom usage groups & tags
Shops with many cloud customers
$ 449
100 cloud instances
100 triggers per instance
custom usage groups and tags
auto-start / auto-stop instances